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Superannuation Advice

Which Superannuation is best for me?

We help you look at all the options that are available to you. We at Coast Financial Planning have the means to access up to 500 different superannuation funds throughout Australia. This means we can provide you with the best advice that suits your own individual needs. We provide you with a monthly and annually report for all your super contributions so you can see at a glance how your funds are going. You will receive an annual visit by our friendly advisor to ensure your super is doing the best for you at all times, even if your situation changes, we will be at hand to guide you through this. As your life evolves we evolve with you.


Industry Superannuation Funds are the default funds for most Industries from the Building Trade, to Nursing to Clerical and Administration. Examples of these are QSuper, Hesta and SunSuper to name but a few.More


These are typically offered by small to medium sized companies. They are used as a ‘Default Fund’ if the employee does not choose their own superannuation.More


Personal Superannuation Funds are Superannuations set up by the individual and take them wherever they work. These tend to offer access to Direct Shares and have greater flexibility to Insurance Providers and their premium payments. Examples of these are MLC Masterkey Super, Colonial First State Superannuation, AXA North Personal Superannuation and many more.More