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Superannuation Advice

These are for the people out there who like to have control of their own investments and have a sound knowledge of where or what to invest in. There are pros and cons for each of these types of superannuation and when you’re planning for your future you need to carefully consider all those good … and not so good points … so that you can choose the fund that delivers the outcomes you want.

These are typically offered by small to medium sized companies. They are used as a ‘Default Fund’ if the employee does not choose their own superannuation.

Personal Superannuation Funds are Superannuations set up by the individual and take them wherever they work. These tend to offer access to Direct Shares and have greater flexibility to Insurance Providers and their premium payments. Examples of these are MLC Masterkey Super, Colonial First State Superannuation, AXA North Personal Superannuation and many more.

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